DCA Avemar Protocol

See video below for info on DCA Avemar Protocol:

NaDCA advocate Martin C. Winer has come up with a protocol combining NaDCA with a supplement called Avemar, the protocol can be found here, this may be a  a good option for anyone in later stage cancer.


This protocol has been  tested by the Medicor Cancer Clinic in Toronto with great results, remember if NaDCA cures one type of cancer it must work on all types simply because all cancers are the same in the way they metabolize. The page can be found here..




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  1. I was me I would first get on an orthomolecular supplement and nutrition program before starting the DCA for at least one week then continue the diet and supplement program until death or the cancer was gone .

    See the book ‘Healing Cancer’ by PHD/MD Dr. Abram Hoffer, and 2X nobel prize winner Linus Pauling. You can get the book expressed shipped to you on Amazon, or if you’re in hurry you can buy their book, ‘Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone’ which has a more layman persons orientation to using supplements for cancer support. They found even in chemo fail patients high doses of vitamins, minerals would increase survival time 500 % and whats more they did an RCT to prove it. Dr Russell Blaylock in his book, “Natural Healing Strategies for Cancer” patients is well worth reading and he too gives a more up to date supplement program but its not been RCTs. RCTs are enormously expensive.

    To the program outlined in that book, I would make the following changes based on recent research if I had your dads condition. You can get vitamins cheaply of decent quality at Swansons or Vitacost.

    Make sure you use a high quality whole foods multivitamin and minerals supplement. I use the ones from Swanson.

    In place the 10+ grams of Vitamin C a day (time released) use 10+ grams of Lipsomal vitamin c. You can go to youtube to learn how to make this for him at home. Some people (around 10 % ) can reverse their tumors if they are younger just with lipsomal vitamin C. Lipsomal vitamin c has the same effectivity as IV vitamin C. Bascially if you have cancer you take vitamin c to bowel tolerance. Some cancer patients need to take 20 grams or more a day. A couple of weeks on high doses of IV Vitamin C, administered 2x a week at 75 grams would be what I would do to immediately halt the cancer advances in addition to the oral vitamin c. It takes DCA 30 days before tumors start to shrink.

    Instead of the just vitamin B1 use the oil soluable form, Benfotiamine, and I would use 1 gram a day, this will also greatly lessen the side effects of the DCA. Normal B1 or a Bcomplex simply cant be as readily stored by the body. You can read about this at benfotiamine.org. It’s important to take the oil soluable form of B1 if you take the DCA. 1 gram a day is used in Japan to treat cancer.

    I would increase the selenium content to 1000- 2000 mcg per day of sodium selenite based upon recent research but only if he did not respond to the DCA. I personally went to 45 grams of Vitamin C a day and 5000 mcg of sodium selenite (plus Hoffer’s other supplements). I’m about 140 lbs. But I was desperate and I have a bioscience background.

    I make sure I use the dry form of Natural Vitamin E as it most effective. Hoffer specifies this but I missed it for a couple of year. I use 1200 IU a day

    I would increase the Vitamin D3 level to between 20k IU to 40k IU a day which must be taken with with a Vitamin K2 supplement. I would use Vitamin K ultra complex from Vitacost. 50K IU of vitamin D was used to treat breast cancer in women in the 1920s until the patent was invalidated. Its important to get a vitamin d blood (vitamin d hydroxy) blood test to make sure the blood level gets over 70 ng/ml but not much higher than 100 ng/ml.

    The supplements should be broken up into 3x a day.

    Diet is the most important thing for cancer, the perfect diet which Dr. Hoffer found is now called the ketogenic diet and consists of no meat (cancer feeds of iron), no sugar, and very limited intake of fruit until the cancer reverse, no dairy and no grains especially wheat, no artificial anything or alcohol. Low carbs , no potatoes, pasta of any type. A ketogenic diet which you can read about from Dr. Thomas Seyfried has been proven to reverse even gross tumors in rats!!

    Onto the DCA. I would definitely stay away from any USA based suppliers. Europe is the place to go for your DCA based upon my experience. Just make sure its mfg in Europe. There is a lot of bad supposedly pharma dca from China and Mexico.

    The basic dose rate Medicor used for advanced cancer patients was 25 mg per gram. They might do a phone consult with you and are in Toronto.
    It takes 30 days to work up to a killing dose. DCA’s effectivity goes to only 50 % if you have taken the chemo per medicor.

    You might want to look into Cannibis oil, aka Rick Simpson oil , which in trial for cancer in the UK. See the youtube film ‘run from the cure’. Its not suitable if there is a history of schizophrenia in your familly but chemo flunk out patients do better on it. If you live in CA, Amsterdam Gardens is a non profit that can legally supply it to your dad. It helps with sleep and pain relief as well.

    If your Dad lives near Seattle, I would take him to Tom Loud’s church (hes on youtube) as he has had documented cancer healings. You can also look up ‘healing rooms’ and find a Christian Church.

    I’m not an MD so consult a qualified Orthomolecular MD or ND before starting any treatment program.

  2. Hi,
    my dad was diagnosed about 1.5y ago with Lung cancer. After radiation, chemo and surgery he was told his body was clear. He was very much weakened but otherwise doing ok, going for regular CT scans. In January of this year he went for a routiine CT scan and was told the cancer was back and spread and he had 4 months to live. He received radiation for pain, was put on palliative care and told to complete an expected death plan. Because he was so weak he couldn’t receive more chemo. They did eventually give him a chemo pill. I have long encouraged him to do alternatives but he has been hesistant. Able to get him to take D3 and then recently after a scan and being told to stop chemo pill it wasn’t working was able to convince him to start taking B17. The doctors have basically said they’re done, he’s not ready to die (only 66) and I would like to get him on the DCA. He eats little. Since doctor’s told him its hopeless he’s gone downhill and I feel we’re running out of time. He is not fully open to trying things because he has a strong will to live. What would be the recommended dosage and what are the side effects you are talking about? I would think at his advanced stage he would need to start on a high dose to get it working quickly. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi could anyone advice on dosage for uveal melanoma that has metastesised to the liver – is 10mg per kg of wight too low? has anyone had any experience with these agressive types of cancers

  4. Patient is 160 lbs which is 73 kgs. 20mg x 73kg = 1460mg. 1460mg/1000mg = 1.46 grams, which I would up to 2 grams 2x’s a day with 500mg of vitamin B1 supplement 2x a day to prevent side affects. Does this sound right to you?

    • Hi Micheal

      I wouldn’t do 2 grams twice a day, If you wish to start at 20mg per kg of body weight then it would be the 1.46 grams daily…. divide that by 2 and take .73 grams in the morning and .73 grams (730mg) at bedtime. If you go higher you may have side effects to quickly.

  5. My mother is 65 and about 118 lbs. She was a 14 year breast cancer survivor and early last year, we found that she has HER2 Pos Stage 4 breast cancer in the bone and liver.
    What would she take as a dosage? She is having issues with low potassium, edema, neuropathy in feet and fingers, and had to have one blood transfusion (I believe from having a low red blood cell count).
    She is on Taxol weekly, with adding Herceptin and Projeta on each third week. She is on potassium pills, diuretics, pain pills for her legs, and I think vitamin d.
    The cancer is taking a toll on her (though she is better) she is now dealing with the side effects of “sewer mouth” (she called it, explaining that everything tasted like sewer), tiredness, and all the issues that go with the medications listed above.
    I anxiously await your reply(replies).

    • Hi Kim sorry for late reply, i just found your post in the spam filter for some reason. I can’t recommend dosage for your mother but can tell you if i was in the same situation i would be taking 1 gram around noon each day and another gram at bedtime. also at this dosage i would take 300 mg of Vitimin B1 in the morning and again at bedtime. the object is to get ahead of the cancers growth rate and the rate at which DCA can cause the cancer cells to kill themselves is dependent on how much i take. Unfortunatly the drugs she is currently taking are already causing Neuropathy which would be the side effects that are common with DCA, the side effects however when caused by DCA are completely reversible. I would be questioning whether the current regime is doing more damage than benifit. What DCA works well at is tracking down the cancer cells where ever they have matastisized too.

      I hope that helps, if you have any other questions please post them here and i will try to respond quickly.

  6. I am currently taking 200mg and even with this amount I get side effects trying to walk. I increased to 350 mg for several days and improved mentally, thinking better but could no longer walk and became very unsteady. Thank you for writing.

    • Hi Laura

      Is there anything else you are taking? that is a very lite dose and i have not heard of side effects at that dose. When i had side effects at a much higher dose the use of 500 mg a day of Vitamin B1 help greatly.


    • Hi Laura
      In the studies at the U of Alberta the dosage was 10 mg per kg of body weight, I think this was purposefully a low dosage, I take that dosage for maintenance.I was able to take 20 mg per kg of body weight but also made sure to supplement with vitamin B1 (500mg per day)to avoid side effects. I did this Monday to Friday each week and took the 2 days off on the weekends. Hope this helps!

      All the best

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