Where to buy Sodium Dichloroacetate DCA (NaDCA)

Sodium Dichloroacetate NaDCA available on line will cost $2-$3 per day.

You have obviously arrived here because yourself or someone in your life has cancer. Please take a minute and go to the home page of this site and read some of the published medical journal articles on DCA. Get an understanding of the Warburg effect the scientific principle behind this discovery, and you will then not question whether DCA works! This is not a hoax, this is not just one major University making the claim, there are papers published on this site from many major Universities.

The American Cancer Society warns you that these sellers are out to fleece desperate people of their money”.If you do your research you will be disappointed to find that these organizations you should be able to trust are actually working hand in hand with the Pharma companies to suppress any non pharma cancer treatment.

As we have said on this site NaDCA is a very simple molecule resembling vinegar and is documented in peer reviewed medical journal studies as being as safe to take for healthy people as it is for sick people.

If you are still questioning whether DCA works you need to only answer for yourself 2 questions.

1) Is the Warburg effect really the law of cancer? (meaning that all normal cells achieve respiration from Oxygen and all cancer cells receive respiration from glucose) PROOF….. The Warburg effect is the science behind the PET scan machine (patient is injected with radio active glucose and cancer cells light up on the screen) What Wargurg discovered was that when a cell became a cancer cell (reverted to glucose respiration) the mitochondria shut down. The mitochondria is the control center of a cell, every day as our cells divide the mitochondria looks at the cell and if it’s dna is not correct, (a bad cell) it kills itself through a process known as apoptosis. Every day our bodies expel millions of bad cells through apoptosis.  Therefore a cancer cell is simply a cell that achieves energy from glucose and continues to divide and multiply without our bodies being able to kill it through the normal process of apoptosis.

2) As the University of Alberta research claims does DCA turn the mitochondria of the cancer cell back on, allowing it to recognize itself as a bad cell and trigger apoptosis? The answer is YES! Read the published articles on the home page and believe in your own research, not what someone you think should know is telling you. At the very least use this information to start questioning your treatment or the treatment of a loved one suffering from cancer.

NaDCA advocate Martin C. Winer has come up with a protocol combining NaDCA with a supplement called Avemar, the protocol can be found here, this may be a  a good option for anyone in later stage cancer or has had orthodox treatment and a weakened immune system.http://www.martincwiner.com/dca-and-avemar-a-theoretical-protocol-for-cancer/

This protocol has been  tested by the Medicor Cancer Clinic in Toronto with great results.

There appear to be 3 main sites on line selling NaDCA. One thing you need to know is that these sites can not buy the NaDCA in North America or Europe. From what we have been able to find, the only supply sources at present are in China. This is due to the FDA , Health Canada and the European health agencies restrictions placed on Sodium dichloroacetate in 2007. The claimed intent of restricting NaDCA , (which is about as harmful as taking to much baking soda) being to protect us from ourselves.

For years we have seen many media reports of safety issues involving Chinese products. However, with what we have discovered about the ethics of North American drug companies and their ability to influence what the media reports to us, we began to question how bad quality issues could be. If you look into the Chinese pharmaceutical industry you will find they operate under very strict guidelines, with as much or more oversight as facilities in North America.

The truth is if there was as much medical journal published evidence that cocaine cured cancer, as there is regarding DCA, you would be asking everyone you knew if they knew a dealer! If the quality is your concern one of the online companies has every batch randomly tested in Canada. www.certifieddca.com

The NaDCA clinical trails are supplied world wide by a company called TCI America http://www.tciamerica.com/catalog/D1719.html and have been for decades, they do not sell to the general public. It also would appear from TCI’s sales site that the product they sell also comes from Asia. Medicor Cancer Center in Toronto claims to be purchasing their NaDCA from the USA which we would guess comes from TCI.

If you are going to take NaDCA, 100 grams is about a 90 day supply for most people treating cancer. As a supplement to prevent a cancer recurrence or just to keep you healthy 100 grams is about a 200 day supply at a half gram per day.

Keep in mind that there has not been a large demand for DCA and world wide supply is limited, one pharmaceutical company we spoke with indicated their excess available supply at 900 kg per year, that would only treat  9,000 people for 3 months. We also found that the difference in price varies in china, we found chemical companies that manufacture technical grade product are also now offering pharmaceutical grade, however pharmaceutical grade from an actual pharmaceutical company is more expensive which can be the price difference between the 3 major suppliers.

Since the amount taken is based on body weight it is not necessary to spend the extra for the product in capsules as you would only be breaking them apart to get the proper weight.

The other thing to consider is that all sites selling NaDCA were closed down by the FDA in 2007 and this could happen again, our point is if you are thinking of using NaDCA it may become hard to get as more people find out about it.

There have been some issues reported on The DCA Site regarding problems with DCA coming in from Mexico, if the price seems too cheap there could be good reason for it.

The www.dcasite.com is your best source for getting dosage information from others that have experience with NaDCA. Do keep in mind that social media people from the Pharma industry commonly take part in the chats and online discussions just to confuse people.

The top sites supplying NaDCA to the public are below,  However It has recently come to our attention that  www.shouldyoubuydca.com which has been a site used by Pharma DCA as a “we don’t sell DCA but buy this one site”  has claimed recently that they are an anonymous crusader for DCA and tested all the other suppliers product and only Pharma DCA and Sigma Aldrich passed, which of course Sigma Aldrich does not sell to the public. The site recommends people do not buy the other suppliers DCA now claiming their products have high Bromine counts however they provide no testing results. (their claim according to their site February 15,2015 as they may change it) What tells me no testing ever took place is that they report the Pure DCA and Certified dca as having 170mg per kg and 148mg per kg of bromine.  Had they actually tested, firstly the results would be reported as PPM (parts per million) or ug not mg per kg. They report Pharma dca and Sigma Aldrich as <2. less than 2 what? it should be less than 2 ug/kg which is also what the other 2 suppliers bromine levels are had they reported correctly  .170ug and .148 ug both <2 if reported in the same unit of measure as their product and Sigma Aldrich (information directly from Sigma Aldrich’s web site).

We have over the last three years received various comments and complaints about suppliers. We do not approve them without proper evidence that there is an issue with the supplier that could harm people. We set up this site as a place where people could find relative published medical Journal studies and form their own conclusions. We have long recommended these 3 sites as a source for DCA as they have been around the longest. What people may not realize is that these sites get regular orders from government buildings where the product is tested not for your protection but in an effort to catch a supplier selling something other than +99% pure dca. Believe me when I say if one of these suppliers was offering unsafe product you would have read about it everywhere, it would be a huge media circus.

We did have product tested from these 3 suppliers about 2 months ago and all passed, which I reported on this site, however I decided to take it down due to liability if there was an unexpected problem with a batch they put out. The sad part is that DCA does work and yet it is hard to get people to read through the medical journal articles and reach their own conclusions without second guessing themselves. There is a huge amount of propaganda put out by the Pharma companies disguised as Medical Websites and literally hundreds of pharma employees participating in social media sites using fear to keep people away from DCA. The last thing DCA needed is some idiot supplier trying to spread more false fear about other suppliers!

We still recommend the 3 suppliers below  strictly based on the fact that they have been around for more than 3 years and we have tested the products ourselves in the past.




We will continue to purchase from www.certifieddca.com simply because we have always had great service and each batch is tested in Canada for purity and any solvents or heavy metals. They also send you a test report for the batch once you have ordered. It is a little more expensive, about 20-40 cents per day. However they have always been very help full with questions. I don’t want to be seen as promoting them it is just the only supplier we have experience with, and as I said above, as far as quality goes It is my opinion that all 3 are safe to buy from.

Having the product tested yourself can cost up to $750 depending on where you go. If it is out of your budget by all means buy from whichever company you can afford.

If you do start taking NaDCA please let us know about your progress as it may help others as they try to make a decision that is best for them.

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